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Turkish Restaurant in Nuremberg Nurnberg

Briefly Sumach

Sumach, which is the fruit of a plant of the pistachios family, is a bush type tree which can rise up to 3 metres, which has yellowish-green flowers and dark red leaves. It is known to have about 150 types.

Along with the unique flavour which it gives to the food, it has been proved to provide numerous benefits to human health thanks to its antioxidant nature. Reducing the blood glucose level, stopping diarrhea, being peptic and removing lack of appetite are just a few of them. The spice Sumach is a corn seed of the plant sumach. Sumach is either used in powder form by grinding its corns with table salt and is used for meals directly, or its corns are crushed, left in water, filtered and laid out under the sun and thus thickened, and the fermented form achieved in this way is used in the meals. (Colloquially known as Sumach extract).

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Fine Turkish Kitchen in Nuremberg, Nurnberg

Insight into our menu


Marinated lamb fillet, served with garlic-yogurt and grilled aubergine


Marinated lamb cubes grilled on skewers, served with grilled tomato & pepper ,onion-parsley salad with sumac and bulgur


Spicy meatball covered with drummed wheat, deep fried, served with yogurt

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Our new promotion film


Please see our new film about our restaurant and take a short tour in advance. It will be soon screened in Nurnberg cinemas too. We are happy to get your feedback.