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About Sumach - Turkish Restaurant in Nuremberg

Sumach Restaurant


We started this journey, dreaming of being in the happy memories of our precious guests..We aimed to be an address, where you can get rid of the daily stress of the work and where you are able to taste delicious food with the loved ones. An address of a spacious and comfortable environment for the business meals and a trustable place for your celebrations and organisations. We wanted to serve the best quality in the best possible way. We opened up our doors in 2015 with these missions and we carry on in our path being stronger now with your love and trust, aiming being even better.

We serve you in winter months in our modern, stylish and cosy saloon and in summer time in our spacious terrace looking at directly to the Roseanau Park. We are promising our guests to leave our restaurant with permanent delight.

Kitchen & Food


Our menu consists of Turkish food and is enriched with European cuisine. Local meals are chosen mainly from Gaziantep region. From time to time, we do some addings from other regions of Turkey as well in order to serve you new tastes. Our most liked local dishes are Antep lahmacun, kuru dolma , beyran corbasi, yuvalama and icli kofte.

Antep cuisine is one of the few cities in the world which is chosen to be a member of Unesco creative cities network in gastronomy division.Pickiness of the ingredients, proficiency at preparing and cooking, the spices, sauces and pastes are the basis of Antep cuisine. Our chefs are presenting with this sensitivity, some examples of this cuisine out of hundreds of varieties.



Our Restaurant is in city centre and easily accessible via various public transport options.

It is decorated by the well known Turkish architecture Taner Sekercioglu. The building which was formerly used also as restaurant is renewed completely. All furnitures , upholstery , hand-made lightings and accessories are designed uniquely for Sumach and produced in Turkey.

We are at your service with:
* Indoor hall (up to 100 persons)
* VIP lounge (up to 30 persons)
* Terrace looking at Rosenau Park ( up to 100 persons)
* Disabled WC and baby change room
* Waiting room